Our Engagement Story

I really had high hopes for this blog starting out. I was bored and looking for something extra-circular to do and it lasted for all about 1 week.

BUT, now I’m back again and I have some really exciting news: I’M GETTING MARRIED.

 So I am here today to share the story of Luke and I’s engagement.

 Some quick back story: I have known I was going to marry this man for a long time, so of course we had talked about getting engaged and the proposal. From the beginning I told him that I would want him to do it with just him and I there, and then we could meet our family and friends after. Luke had other plans.

 It all started in the beginning of May when my kind soul of a mother thought that she was allowed to tell me that Luke had asked my Dad permission to marry me, and from that moment on, I knew it was coming. I wasn’t exactly sure when it would happen or where, but I was practicing my surprise face and starting to wedding plan. (I’m like a little crazy, I  know).

 I kept trying to get information out of my sister because I knew she knew, but she wouldn’t budge. All she told me was to be prepared 24/7. SO HELPFUL.

A month passed and of course it was always in the back of my mind that it could happen, but I knew that he would wait until some event to do it, so he had three options: his graduation from the Sheriff’s Academy, our graduation party, or my graduation from UCSD.

The day of Luke’s graduation, we went to MCRD where the ceremony was being held. I knew it was a possibility, but I wasn’t sure exactly how he would have done it there. That was until I was sitting in my seat with my whole family, Luke’s mom, and family friends and they were all telling me that I needed to stand up and go in front of the stage so I could get a picture of Luke getting his badge. Right then and there I had a mini heart attack because I thought he was going to call me up on stage. I told my dad, sister, grandpa, mom, AND Luke’s mom that I didn’t want to go up and that the camera had good zoom and I could take it from there, but then my Dad was like “no, go up there now” all harsh like and so I did. I was kneeling down in front of the stage ready to take a picture, shaking, thinking that I would have to get up there in front of everybody. Side note- I am not a shy person. I have spoken in front of plenty of people and don’t get nervous speaking in public, but there was something so scary about being proposed to in front of 500+ people. THANKFULLY, Luke went up, got his badge, I snapped a pic, and it was over. No proposal.

 After his graduation, Luke told me that his first day in the jails was going to be Friday morning until 6:30PM and our graduation party started at 6PM on Friday, so he was going to be over an hour late. Not only was he going to be late, but he also had to work the next morning at 6AM, so I figured there was no way it was happening Friday either. To burst my bubble once again, he told me that Saturday he would be working until 6:30PM as well so he would have to miss my graduation. I was freaking bummed.

Friday rolls around and I’m expecting nothing. Luke called me around 6:40 to tell me he was on his way to the party. He also told me that his schedule was changed and he got off at 4PM the next day so he would be able to make it to my graduation. From that point on, I thought he would be proposing at my graduation and that he had pulled some strings to get off early and do it there.

When Luke finally arrived, my mom and dad kept telling us that we needed to make a speech thanking everyone for coming. I told them we would a little later and that I needed like 15 minutes to think of what to say. I don’t know what it was, but once again I started having mini heart attacks about the thought of giving a speech in front of people. Apparently Luke, DID NOT feel the same because he ignored my request for 15 minutes and goes “Everybodyyyy” and continues on into his speech. Literally every single person at the party stopped what they were doing and was watching us. I thought he was going to propose then because of how apparently urgent this speech giving needed to be and the serious attention everyone was giving us, but Luke finished his little speech and asked me if I wanted to say anything. Then I was thrown off because I was relieved that it didn’t just happen in front of all these people, but confused at the same time. I stumbled through my 4 sentence speech and as soon as I was done my little sister goes “That’s it?” because she was obviously expecting it too.

Not even 1 minute later, Luke walks up to me with a blue box and tells me that he got me a gift. I open the box and it’s a box for a camera. Luke goes “It’s the camera you wanted” and me being sassy said “No it’s not”, obviously thinking there was something else in there. But I opened up the box and saw the manual and directions for the camera and so I said “Oh, it is a camera” and right as I said that I lifted up the directions and there was nothing in the box. Luke asks aloud “who has the camera”, his step-mom goes, “I do!”, and so I look up and Luke is down on one knee.

I had tried to picture that moment for YEARS, seriously years and I couldn’t for the life of me. So it was so amazing and overwhelming and beautiful. He asked if I would marry him, I said yes (in a weird voice which thankfully is only audible on one of the about ten videos of it happening), and then Luke says “Well are you gonna take it?” and then I say, “No, you put it on”. And so he does. AND IT WAS OFFICIAL. As soon as we stopped hugging we were bombarded by my sisters, our families, and friends.

As overwhelming as it was having all these people there when it happened, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I have NEVER felt more loved in my entire life. I would just start randomly crying throughout the rest of the night because my heart was so full. I want to give a special thanks to some of the people that were there.

 #1 my Dad for giving Luke permission to ask me and already treating Luke like your son for the past 3 years.

 #2 Luke’s mom, Kim, for helping him pick out the ring of my dreams.

 #3 my mom for being so adorable and crying with me.

 #4 My sisters for treating Luke as their older brother and being ALMOST more excited then I was when it happened.

 #5. All of my friends for being there, posting pictures, all the hugs and tears, and just being the most supportive friends on the face of this earth ❤

 #6 Luke’s friends. OMG boys. Your guys’ excitement was unreal and made me so so happy. Thank you all for being such amazing and supportive friends of Luke.

 #7 and thank you to everyone that came to our party, texted and called, and just loved all over us! It was the greatest day ever.  

The outpour of love and support from our families, my sorority, our co-workers, and friends, old and new was phenomenal and I can never put into words how grateful and blessed we are.

So now I am diving head first into wedding planning because I just can’t to be able to call Luke my husband. And don’t let Luke fool any of you, he is just as stoked on wedding planning as I am 😉 

Below are some pictures that my amazing, photographic-genius best friend, Kristen, took!







I promise I will be back on the blog more, but for the next year its going to consist of wedding updates, DIY projects, and all that fun stuff, so I hope you all can hang 🙂

 Thanks for reading and God Bless ❤



PS: After everything had settled down, my sister told me that Luke’s original plan was to have the SHERIFF OF SAN DIEGO call me up on stage DURING his graduation ceremony when he was giving Luke his badge and ask me to take a picture with them and Luke was going to drop down on one knee. I would have peed myself. Holy COW, Could you imagine?!?


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