Did someone say Christmas?

Christmas Tree
Tomorrow is DECEMBER!! Where did this year go?

I decided to return to blog land to share one of my favorite parts of the holidays. My mom and I are Christmas obsessed, but every year we felt like the Christmas season would come and go before we even realized it. So last year, we decided to start a new tradition and do 25 days of Christmas. Essentially this means doing something Christmas related everyday from December 1st- December 25th. We were a little ambitious and over booked ourselves last year, but this year we are back with a few adjustments and ready to conquer this holiday season. Below is our 2014 25 Days of Christmas List:

December 1st: Bring Candy Canes to everyone at work
December 2nd: Decorate for Christmas
December 3rd: Make a Christmas Countdown Chain/ Get a Tree
December 4th: Decorate the Christmas tree
December 5th: Balboa Park December Nights
December 6th: Soccer Shots Fun Fest
December 7th: Watch a Christmas Movie
December 8th: Wear an Ugly Sweater to work
December 9th: Make Christmas Cookies
December 10th: Random of Acts of Kindness Night
December 11th: Family Game Night
December 12th: Christmas Shopping
December 13th: Mission Bay Parade of Lights
December 14th: Holiday Pet Parade
December 15th: Make Gingerbread Houses
December 16th: Get a Picture with Santa
December 17th: SeaWorld San Diego
December 18th: Look at Christmas Lights
December 19th: Watch a Christmas Movie
December 20th: Hotel Del/ Ice Skating
December 21st: Nut Cracker
December 22nd: Christmas Lights
December 23rd: Poinsettia Bowl/ make Banana Bread
December 24th: Church
December 25th: Christmas

As you can see, some of the things on the list require a lot of effort and others require very little, and it is totally okay to repeat activities. For example, you could watch a Christmas movie everyday and have it count as your 25 days of Christmas (cough, cough, ABC Family). My new philosophy is that when all else fails, watch a Christmas movie or listen to Christmas music, IT STILL COUNTS, even if I deviate from the list a tad bit. Tis’ the season for Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and UGG Boots, so just embrace it. There is nothing more amazing than getting in the Christmas spirit. It is the perfect reminder of what a mighty God we serve and how blessed we are to be able to spend time with those we hold most dear. Make this holiday season count in whatever way suits you best ☺


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