Things I wish I would have know before my wedding

I started writing this post TWO whole months ago. I am quite the over achiever if you ask me 😉

Any who, I’m finally here to share some of the things I wish I would have known before my wedding day.

DISCLAIMER: To any male readers, be warned, I am going to talk about girl things aka periods.

I was one of those brides that thought that I was going to be so organized and plan everything out so perfectly that NOTHING could go wrong. And for the most part, I feel like I did, BUT there are some things that I had absolutely no control over and that no amount of planning could have prevented, and others that just slipped through the cracks. So here is my list of things I wish I would have known:

1. Your body has different plans than you. This might be a little TMI for some, but the Monday before my wedding day, Aunt Flo decided to show up at my door step. My heart seriously broke a little, and then I just got over it. Until I realized that meant that I couldn’t attend my waxing appointment for the next day and then I got a little upset about it again. That’s when I had the brilliant idea to DO IT MYSELF. I don’t think I need to explain, but take my advice when I say DO NOT try it at home. Moral of the story, you can’t control your body. You may get a zit or may get bloated, but no matter what, the show must go on and it’s still going to be an amazing day.

2. On a similar note: While you want to look your best, you don’t have to prepare months in advance. Every piece of literature about pre-wedding to-do’s includes some sort of beauty regime that claims you need to start a skin care routine, fitness routine, teeth whitening routine, or beauty routine of some sort AT LEAST 5 months before the wedding. While I definitely whitened my teeth and spent some hours in the gym, I didn’t do nearly as much as I expected I would have. I didn’t have the perfect tan nor did I have sparkling white teeth, but at the end of the day, I felt great on my wedding day. If you don’t get around to tanning, toning, whitening, firming, sculpting, or whatever else, don’t sweat it. You are still going to look and feel beautiful NO MATTER WHAT.

3. The week before your wedding doesn’t feel like the week before your wedding. I thought it was going to be this grand week where every day was going to be beautiful and some how sparkle with pre-wedding goodness. While it didn’t, I still truly enjoyed the time spent with my family and friends leading up to the day and the emotions all caught up with me at the rehearsal dinner. That being said, don’t over commit in the weeks prior to your wedding. Give yourself time to soak it all in and relax. In the 3 weeks leading up to my wedding, we purchased our first home, moved into said home, threw a surprise birthday party for my future husband with 50 people, and finished all the final to-do’s for the big day. Do as I say and not as I do, just relax the month before your wedding 😉

4. It is possible to enjoy every aspect of your wedding day. I read/heard tons of stories about how couples didn’t get to eat or hardly remember the night because it went by so quickly. Luke and I, however, took countless pictures in the Photo booth, made 2 trips to the Taco cart, tried each of our signature drinks, filled up at the candy bar, talked to 97% of the people at the wedding, AND danced the night away. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything that night and that is a really beautiful feeling. I had nightmares about missing out on parts of the wedding night, seriously though, I had a dream that I forgot my phone at home so after the reception I decided to make the hour drive home to get it and by the time I got back, the reception was already over. Talk about bad dreams.

5. No matter what happens on your wedding day, you will (eventually) look back on every single memory with a heart of gratitude and a smile, regardless of how horrifying it might be at the time. For example, someone may or may not have thrown up right next to the aisle, THREE seconds before I walked down it. Things happen. The next day when I heard about it, I was so annoyed/embarrassed, but now looking back, it’s a hilarious memory that I truly can’t wait to tell my children about! Enjoy the mix-ups, the craziness, and maybe even the drama, because it’s those memories that make the best stories.

To all my married readers out there, what was the craziest story from your wedding day? What do you wish you would have known before the wedding? And to any engaged ladies out there, what are you most worried about when it comes to your big day?! Comment below 🙂


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