Happy Friday!

Last night, my husband and I went to a going away cocktail hour for one of my families close friends. We got to talking about the amazing opportunities and drastic, positive lifestyle changes that come when moving to states that have a lower cost of living than California. So I have decided, I will be taking recommendations for states to move to via the comment section 🙂

While I dream of moving to another state, I will continue to work on making our newly purchased house a home. One of my big weekend projects is touching up the mess we made when we painted last Sunday. We are less than perfect when it comes to taping on windows, ceilings, door frames, etc, so I have my work cut out for me! Come next week I will be sharing a before and after of our paint color, some tips on how to choose the perfect color, and a sneak peek of the gallery wall I have been piecing together for the past 3 months (it’s a serious work in progress).

I’ve decided that my niche in the blogging world is going to focus on simple living for living simply. I think it’s pretty catchy and I’m a simple gal, so it fits 😉 More to come on what that means and the direction this blog will be heading in the near future.

Have a safe, fun, blessed, and relaxing weekend, because the Lord knows we all need it ❤

Rachel Sharon


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